Company Policies

In order to schedule your cake on your event date a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. Without the deposit, we will not be able to hold your date.

Refunds are not provided, due to our full schedule and our attention to detail, we spend many hours planning and preparing before even beginning on a cake.

Any cake placed outside or in a warm place has the possibility of melting or deforming due to weather conditions. We are not liable for a cake once it has been delivered or picked up.

If you choose to pick up your cake and transport it yourself, we are not liable or responsible for the cake once it has left the premises. You should prepare your vehicle so it is clean and free of items that could roll or slide into the cake. We do everything in our power to provide a well-structured cake, but please note that cakes are fragile and can break easily, so drive carefully and slowly.

There is a minimal charge for delivery to cover petrol costs. Delivery charges will be calculated on request.